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31 May


Boryspil Airport starts the festive action "Borderless Europe" dedicated to the visa free travel between Ukraine and EU countries. Starting from May 31 Boryspil Airport passengers are able to join the free ticket draw arranged by UIA, Ellinair (Mouzenidis Travel tour operator) and Czech Airlines air carriers to Vilnius, Brussels, Thessaloniki and Prague.

The winners of a promotional event who are to get free tickets to Brussels and Vilnius will start the first non-visa travel on 11 June with an opportunity to take someone they care about with them. Two special flights en-route Kyiv - Brussels and Kyiv - Vilnius will be carried by UIA flag carrier. The city excursion including the most prominent sights and inflight treat will be a present to every passenger.

Other winners will get an opportunity to travel to Prague and Thessaloniki at the preferred time.

Participators requirements:

• the minimum age of 18-years and above;

• Biometric passport or valid visa.

To confirm the participation, it is necessary to:

• Subscribe to the official Boryspil Airport page (

• Fill in the registration blank on the following link:,

• Receive a unique participators number.

The final draw of tickets for flights Kyiv-Brussels-Kyiv PS1106, PS1206 (departure 11:30, arrival 01:25), Kyiv-Vilnius-Kyiv PS2017, PS2018 (departure 11:25, arrival 21:05) and Kyiv-Prague-Kyiv will take place on 7 June at 17:30 in the Terminal D international flights Departures area and will be broadcasted online on the Airport official Facebook page: airportboryspil/.

The final draw of a ticket enroute Kyiv-Thessaloniki-Kyiv will coincide with the flight departure on 11 June and will take place during the departure process, preliminary at 12:25 (the detailed information on flights departure will be displayed at the airport online schedule board just before the draw https://kbp Winners will be chosen in the international flights check-in area of Terminal D. Draw will be broadcasted online on Airport official Facebook page:

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