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24 April


The presentation of a new Austria-manufactured airfield fire-fighting vehicle - Rosenbauer Panther (A146) will be held at Boryspil Airport. Guests and Mass media will get acquainted with the advantages and technical characteristics of the fourth generation fire-fighting vehicle. Speed test and fire-fighting training under rough conditions will be performed within the event, emphasizing the futuristic design.

Panther`s technical specifications are impressive. It is designed for 5 fire-fighting unit members, the vehicle has 6x6 wheel drive with an automatic gear, shifting a 700 horse power diesel engine. It provides acceleration to 80 km/h in 30 seconds and the maximum speed of 120 km/h with a full weight of 38 tons and 14500 liters of clean agent for Panther 5. The agent throughput capacity is about 152 liters per second or more than 9 tons per minute. The vehicle is equipped with the mixed proportional fire-fighting system, dry-chemical extinguishing system and self-quenching system.

The procurement of a new vehicle from one of the leading fire-fighting equipment world manufacturers was made within Boryspil Airport operation to reach the international standards. Vehicle fleet renewal of the RFF (Rescue and Fire-Fighting) Airport Service allows to improve its performance efficiency and security standards in the context of a high Boryspil Airport development dynamics. Symbolically, Rosenbauer Panther 5 will start its operation on the eve of "Eurovision 2017" to enhance the level of fire-safety at the Airport.

The presentation starts this Thursday, 27 April at 13:00 on the international flights apron of Terminal D and ending on the training field of Boryspil Airport State Enterprise RFF Airport Service.

Guests are welcomed to join at 12:40 near the main entrance to the Terminal B.

To enter the restricted area, guests must have their passports.

To confirm your participation please send a passport first page scan copy to e-mail till 17:00, 26 April 2017.

Mass media bus departs at 12:10 from Kharkivska metro station (near the overhead road in the direction to Boryspil city).

For more detailed information please contact:

Tel. (044) 281-70-20

Tel. (044) 281-72-31

Tel. (063) 980-66-73

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