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15 February

Boryspil Airport Suggests Incentives for Air Traffic Development

On 14 February 2017, a joint meeting between the air carriers and the Airport was held at Boryspil Airport. It convened the airlines, which provide more than 90% of the air traffic via the Airport.

The Head of the Airport Yevhenii Dykhne summed up the results of 2016, discussed the ways of the country main airport's further operation with the air carriers and presented the system of airlines boosting towards the traffic development through the Airport. This document is aimed at the arrangement of transparent, comprehensive and equal terms of airlines operation in the air market. During the open discussion, the air carriers marked the transparency and accuracy of the criteria, equal-opportunity of the incentive terms and conditions and their compliance with the ICAO principles. The system, developed by the Airport, was supported by the airlines present.

The suggested system will encourage opening of the new air routes, increase the volumes of air traffic on the already existing routes and attraction of additional transfer passengers to the Airport. It will allow any airline to arrange its activity under the comprehensive and forecasted conditions of operation. The system is aimed at the additional air traffic generation which has not flied via Boryspil Airport before.

"Any airline starting operation of a new route under the terms of the regulation will get 75% discount within the first year. This must be the new routes to the new airports, to where no traffic has been operated in the past, at least for a year. Thus, in the first year of flights operation we will share costs, related to the new routes opening, jointly with the airlines", noted Yevhenii Dykhne, the Head of Boryspil International Airport.

The air carriers decided to address the Ministry of Infrastructure with the proposal to entitle the Airport with the right to provide discounts for charter flights as well. The representative of the Ministry reported that it supported positive changes, directed at the air travel cheapening.

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