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16 December 2016

Top-manager of Boryspil International Airport Wins «Top 10 CFO of Ukraine» Rating

The expert jury of the best Chief Financial Officers rating according to «Strategic Business Review» magazine assessed the performance results of Kyryl Zvonarov, Chief Financial Officer of Boryspil International Airport State Enterprise and acknowledged his leading position.

The jury comprised leading financiers of Ukraine, auditors and bankers. They all highlighted transformation of stagnant and previously unprofitable Boryspil Airport into the growing and highly profitable company for the past two years.

The winner of the «Top 10 CFO of Ukraine» Kyryl Zvonarov noted that the rating showed excellent achievements of Boryspil International Airport and outlined the great potential to be revealed. "In my opinion, the manager and the company should work as one, therefore, first of all, I am delighted to hear the expert appraisement of Boryspil Airport success. Professional financial community of Ukraine has made an important step having analyzed our work and confirmed the effectiveness of our development vector, which makes the future prospects for the state-owned enterprise clearly foreseeable ", said Kyryl Zvonarov.

Within the framework of the Ukraine CFO performance analysis, apart from the financial results, the jury carefully analyzed the strategic projects management in the structure of businesses financial vertical. According to a member of the rating expert jury, the president of CFO Club Ukraine, the Executive Professor of Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) Mikhailo Kolisnyk, this year, the majority of domestic financiers focused on internal processes of financial functionality. Among the most popular functions implemented by the ranking participants were the following: total optimization of the company's expenses, work on debt restructuring, receivables performance improvement, construction of the accounting management system, optimization of the procedures / procurement systems and others.

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